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The Wendy Channel

I’m having a wicked hard time getting the SydneyCam out of its packaging. Ugh, it’s gonna take pliers to get thing loose. In the meantime, I wanted to point out that yesterday I was the featured writer on The Wendy Channel! Yes, all Wendys, all the time! How awesome is that? Very.

The Wendy Channel

It’s quite an honor, let me tell you. Wendy Channel founder Wendy Russ is a mom, writer, poet, artist, and so much more. So hop on over to her blog and channel and have yourself a heaping helping of Wendys.

Thank you so much, On The Front Porch Wendy, for pointing it out to me!

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  We haven’t been doing a lot worth blogging blog about lately as we’ve been kind of confined to our jar. We did go to a doctor appointment and sit in a crowded waiting room and brood for a long time about how it can be legal or ethical for doctors to schedule 6, 7, 8 patients for the exact same time slot, and then another 6-8 people for 15 minutes later, and so on.

Yesterday we waited two hours in the waiting room before being placed in an airless examining room to wait some more until a doctor showed up.

But, thankfully, Buck’s doing well. We found out the numbness in his jaw and chin should go away within six months. He’s supposed to continue resting, taking it easy.

Other than that, and researching our new healthy eating plan, I’ve been working on my book and working on the magazine. Nothing exciting, thank God.  

I did have a close call with GoodReads.com in which I very nearly sent a jubilant happy “Invitation to join me!” to every single person whose ever sent me an email since the beginning of time. For some reason, afterLibrary1952[1] you sign in to GoodReads it now asks you if you want to send an invitation to your friends — but it’s confusing and looks like these are people you know (real friends) who happen to be members of GoodReads just like you. So just as I’m about to click on “yes” I happen to see that this long list of people they’re sending an invitation to includes editors and customer service reps I’ve emailed back and forth with since 2003, chain mail and money requests from Nigeria, Buck’s friends from kindergarten who would be shocked if I asked them to join GoodReads, and people I haven’t spoken to in years. What if I clicked it?! How humiliating would that be for me?! UGH. They should fix that.

Speaking of me. A statistics tracker called How Many Of Me.com will tell you how many people in the U.S. share your name.

I know, I know. It’s too exciting.

There are 282,139 Wendys in the U.S., but only 85 with both my first and last name. 99.9% of us are women. That really means all of us Wendys are women, right? I’ve never understood statistics, like people having 2.5 children. I don’t get it. Why do they have to fractionate everything, even your name stats?

 I saw that Casio is coming out with a camera that has a “makeup” feature to smooth skin, soften shadows, and get rid of wrinkles. Seriously! It comes out in October. But I’m wondering if it will just put a kind of Cybil Shepherd filter on photos. You know what I’m talking about. That softy and fuzzy lens they use when shooting Cybil. They used it on Doris Day, too. Because I can already do that. I took a photo of myself yesterday and it was out of focus — which is always a boon for women over 40. I tried to photoshop it into a classic painting from the Hudson River School of artists, and wanted to take it further and really turn it into something bizarre to use as my new avatar, but we had to leave for the doctors’ office and I never really got to finish it. It might make a good postcard, though.

I’m often questioned about the strange things I do with photographs of myself. This one, for instance, frightens people so I don’t use it often, although some people think it’s hilarious to ask if that’s Buck in the background. It isn’t. It’s a movie version of Svengali, I think. I’ve run it before, but I’m running it again because it’s so awesomely scary:

Then there’s this one of me from last summer that I turned sepia hoping it would look very 1970s album-cover chic. It was suggested I use it as my profile photo in the staff cowboy hatsection of our magazine, but the problem is it doesn’t really look like me. It looks like some biker chick, which I’m not (I can’t even drive a stick-shift car), and I’m wearing an $8 cowboy hat from K-Mart that I reserve for the fleamarket or when I’m making politically incorrect jokes.

The photo I chose to use as my staff photo is highly unpopular. I’m the only person who likes it. Some people have gone so far as to say it makes me look mean and crazy — which was exactly the look what I was going for. Mission accomplished:


But I feel that the best photo to use as my staff photo would be this one, which makes me look like Annie Leibowitz. And while looking like Ms. Leibowitz is not something women aspire to, it is kind of funny. And this is how I look 99.9% of the time anyway, pale and kind of smirky, with my hair unkempt and my roots in desperate need of a hairdresser, which is why this photo would be great in the staff profile section.


But I can’t use this one. They won’t let me for some reason.

So that about wraps it up for today. We’re still alive and well without cable TV, and I did find a deliciously great recipe for lentil and spinach soup than even Buck likes, and he hates lentils. But he likes this recipe so hooray.

Peace out everybody, and give lentils a second try.

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A Cozy Fire and Dr. Catalina

I had a lovely fire going in my office all afternoon.

I really like screensavers. No matter how many times people tell me screensavers “take up too much space” on the computer and blah blah blah, I do not listen. This might be because I don’t use a screensaver on my laptop, which is the computer I use most, so the whole space thing isn’t an issue. During the day I usually sit at my desk with my laptop, right next to my desktop computer, which I use to play music or, as I’ve done the last couple of days, for a nice roaring fire.

Over the past ten years or so, I’ve become a connoisseur of free fireplace screensavers. I’ve had some that froze my computer, some that were cheesy digital crap, and some that would flash a watermark ad every few minutes. But this one I’m using now has been great. It looks terrific in person, and the sound of the crackling fire is exceptional. If you need a toasty wood fire in your office on these winter days, check out the Yule Log from screensavers.com. It’s free, by the way. And I’ve had no problem with it, but as a precaution I always run my spyware program immediately after I install something like this.

I told my niece I’d post a print ad that Buck was in, posed as Dr. Catalina of Madrid. “Dr. Catalina of Madrid” was a supposed doctor who appeared in ads in LIFE magazine back in the 1950s assuring pregnant women that is was perfectly fine to smoke cigarettes. Buck recreated the ad, encouraging people to ride motorcycles. Please note that he is wearing a WIG. That’s not his hair. I had problems scanning this, so please excuse the fact the photo is a little off kilter.

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Some Blog Housekeeping: 2 Things

Happy-go-lucky Max models his Christmas gift, a T-shirt designed by comedy writer and fellow blogger Bound and Gags. Max has pointed out that I’m the only person who ever gives him T-shirts with the word “fuck” on them.  Whatever.  This one, which Max says is his favorite so far, technically says “fuk” and is of course a play on the name Nantucket, an island off the coast of Cape Cod.


I have this stuff I keep meaning to blog about, my Cafe Press shop and why I have it, and my other blog and why I have it, etc. I keep thinking that a smooth way to combine these two topics will come to me in an eloquent dream where any problem segues will work themselves out. To date, this hasn’t happened, so I’m just forging ahead. Note to my siblings: There are a whole bunch of links in this post. You do not have to click on each one, although you may do so if you want. Clicking on links is not a required thing when reading a blog, they’re just a courtesy to help you find stuff on the Interweb.

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ve probably seen my little “ad” over in the sidebar for my Life With Buck shop at Cafe Press. Having this shop is something I’ve wanted to do since I started this blog last August. (Here’s my first post, which was about what Buck and I do all day.)

In case you’re not familiar with Cafe Press, it’s an online retailer that produces products on demand. It’s free to open a shop; I don’t pay any “rent” and I didn’t have to buy any inventory as everything is “made to order” on demand. I’m not trying to make any money at this, like I said, it’s just for fun. I’ve purchased a couple of the T-shirts from myself to check for quality, and the quality is very good. Though I only have two designs available, I have plans for a whole Stella line of T-shirts, and more Buck T-shirts of course, when I find some time to design them. But like I said, it’s just for fun, so I want to have fun doing it. However … getting the shop together and my artwork uploaded to the site was not as easy as they make it sound. Enter comedy writer and my blogging buddy Bound and Gags.

I saw on Bound and Gags blog that he has a Cafe Press shop, which is kind of what got me interested in doing one in the first place. His shop is very  professional, clearly shows his twisted humor, and along with his books and various items I saw his Nahfuket T-shirt, which I thought would make a good Christmas gift for Max because he’s always working at luxury resort areas for the summer break from school. Bound and Gags lives in Massachusetts, spends summers on the Cape, yadda yadda yadda, and he offered to help me set my shop (because I’d been complaining to him about my inability to do so for three months). So basically, what I’m saying is, I have this Life With Buck shop on Cafe Press just for fun, but I never could have done it without Bound and Gags’ help. So thank you, Chris, for dumbing down the process for me so I could actually do it. Now I can now put some Stella T-shirts on the Interweb and hopefully make people laugh. Or cluck with disgust. Either way, thank you for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you. I hope to have my shop looking better and offering more T-shirt designs by Valentine’s Day, which is Stella’s favorite holiday.

I’ll keep everyone posted on this because I know you’re all on the edge of your seats.

The other thing I keep meaning to post about is my other blog, yet another thing I’m writing and not being paid for, this one as part of Blog 365. The rules require you to post every single day (or at least 365 posts) for a whole year. Because I have to post on it every day, I’ve kept it rather brief and more like a diary. For that reason, it’s called What I’m Doing Right Now. For instance,today I blogged about the religious icons I got in the bubble gum machine.  I’ve also blogged about the nightmare I had in which Seal and I got into an argument, and about the red light I drove through. Nothing earth shattering, just a daily diary of minutiae.

Yesterday’s post about chapstick probably should have gone over there, but I felt guilty about not posting here for a couple days. I do post there every day, because the posts are brief and don’t require making Buck sit down and talk to me, then transcribing it all.

If minutia is right up your alley, you’ll find a couple of familiar writers who are participating in this frivolous exercise over at Random Inkings and Three Little Words. If you want to participate, it’s NOT TOO LATE! You can even post a month’s worth of entries all at once, apparently. The rules are pretty loose. So if you’re similarly insane and want a second blog to be responsible for, please do it. Just let me know so I can add you to my daily reading, as well as my blogroll. But I warn you, all we’re going to get at the end of the year is a little badge for our blogs. That’s it. No money, no parade.

Tomorrow at Life With Buck: Buck and I set up the awesome Sea-Monkeys Kit that Paula sent me all the way from Easton, Massachusetts!

Here it is and it has lights!:

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This Meme Really Worked Out For Me

Moonbeam McQueen tagged me for this fun meme called What’s In A Name? You combine things to come up with your name for various occupations. It’s fun to do, but I haven’t tagged anyone because I just tagged everybody last week and asked them to show us the contents of their refrigerator, and I believe they’re still recovering. You don’t need to be a blogger to do this and the results are, as I keep saying, fun. I can’t really expect your results to come out as eerily awesome as mine did, but you can try. But I will warn you, this meme really worked out for me.

1. My rock star name (first pet and current car)

              Heidi Ram

Wow, yeah, I know …  a totally rockin’ name! Absolutely bitchin! My car is a truck, so that helped to up the cool factor.

2. My gangsta name (favorite ice cream flavor and cookie)

                Vanilla Milano

Okay, I know that one sounds a little weird in a racial sort of way, or even a tad mobster-ish, but my favorite ice cream really is vanilla, and my favorite cookie is Pepperidge Farm Milano.

3. My fly girl name (first letter of first name, first three letters of last name)


WTF is that one? It’s like the fly in the ointment that is this meme. If I was a fly girl on In Living Color — and that’s what I think of when I think of fly girls — I’d run home and cry. 

4. My detective name (favorite color, favorite animal)

                            Periwinkle Dog
But you can call me Peri even if I am a dog … and a detective. And that’s what I’d be, a dog/detective. Hey, if this is a fantasy I can be whatever the hell I want, so suck it.

5. My soap opera name (middle name, city of birth)
                                                              Jane Boston

I don’t really have a comment about that one because it sounds so much like a soap opera character and I’d like to use it should I ever write for a soap opera.

6. My Star Wars name (first three letters of your last name, first two of your first name)

Oh my god! Wow! That really sounds like a Star Wars character! And if I ever write a Star Wars episode for some dweeby fanboy site, I will totally use that name. I may assign it to a wookie’s boyfriend from another galaxy.

7. My superhero name (second favorite color, favorite drink, add “the”)
                                      The Green Bastard

Okay, so I improvised on this one. I don’t drink Dying Bastards (anymore) and green is only my second favorite color. But it sounded a helluva lot better for a superhero name than “The Periwinkle Cola.”

8. My NASCAR name (first two names of my two grandfathers)

                                    Walter Thomas

See? I told you this meme worked out great for me. If this doesn’t sound like a NASCAR driver … I’ll throw my helmet down on the track and kick my tires.

9. My stripper name (favorite perfume, favorite sweet)
                                Jessica Cupcakes

See what I’m saying? SEE?

10. My witness protection name (mother’s and father’s middle names)
                                Isabelle Channing

If I have to go into hiding, at least I sound classy.

11. My weather anchor name (fifth grade teacher’s name, a major city beginning with the same letter)
                                      Debbie Detroit

Is that a weather girl’s name or what? Hey, can I get a prize for this meme?

12. My spy name (favorite season/flower) 
                                  Autumn Nightshade

I can’t help it that I’m a gardener and I know better flowers than non-gardeners. Don’t hate me because I’m a gardener. Don’t be a hater, man.

13. Cartoon name (favorite fruit plus garment you’re wearing, with an “ie” or “y” added)
                                          Blueberry Pajamy 

I had to play with the spelling, but it totally counts and I rule this game!

14. Hippie name (what you ate for breakfast plus favorite tree) 
                              Life Beechwood

I know I promised a lot of people I’d be eating oatmeal and flax this morning, but I’m a cereal junkie and we junkies have a hard time. Especially about giving up Life because it’s so extremely delicious, more delicious than other cereals. Tomorrow: oatmeal and flax. I promise.

15. Your rock band tour name (favorite hobby plus weather element, with “the”)
                                 The Smoking Sunshine

This band sounds a little dated, but smoking really is my favorite hobby, and who doesn’t love sunshine? Especially the kind you can smoke? And it’s much healthier than sunshine in a bag, for crying out loud. (Google lyrics to Gorillaz song “Clint Eastwood” for obscure reference.)

16: Blues singer name (a disability, a fruit or vegetable, and a president)

                                  Tourette  Pea Kennedy

Generally, I writes it as Tourette P. Kennedy, but you cats ‘n kittens can call me TP if you be feelin’ it.


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Unpacked music. We have about ten or more boxes of music just like this one, which I’ve spent the past few days going through.

Some people (not many, one maybe, or perhaps two) may have been wondering where I’ve been for the past three days. For those one or two people I’ll say that no, I have not dropped off the face of the earth. I have been fulfilling my moral obligation to Swap-Bot. Because I am, if nothing else, moral. According to my own Top Secret standards, of course.

Not having nearly enough on my plate, i.e. crap on my to-do list, I signed up for Swap-Bot. Swap-Bot is a hip little community of snail-mail  swappers. At any given time there are 400 different swap themes going on, strangers swapping items related to whatever particular theme they’ve chosen to sign up for. The swaps run the gamut from the Chocolate Swap (participants send 2-3 pieces of quality chocolate and chocolate-related items) to the Cheap Jewelry Swap (participants swap goody bags of inexpensive jewelry). Some are really bizarre but interesting, like the Bubble Swap. That’s where you send bubble-packaged prizes from your local bubble gum machines. And some are geared towards collectors, like the Angel Swap, which is, of course, a swap of items that are angel related. The list goes on and on because, as I said, there are about 400 swap themes to choose from.

Swappers have a deadline that must be met and if they don’t meet it, or God-forbid they don’t sent the promised stuff at all, they receive a poor rating and are then torn apart by the Internet community which, as we all know, is a fate worse than death.

This being my first swap I chose a theme that I am particularly interested in: Cover Songs. Swappers were randomly assigned two people with whom to swap a mix CD of at least 15 cover songs, and for extra points you could send along another CD of the original version of the songs. I love cover songs and have a large collection, plus I’m old enough that I already had all the original versions and if I don’t have them, Buck does. I figured this swap is perfect for me and I could probably do it in my sleep.

But I was so very wrong.

I was rather late in joining this swap, having stumbled on it while surfing around the Internet one night, so I had only a few days to pull it together. That first night, I spent the entire evening thinking back to my own collection and doing research online until I came up with a list of all the cover songs I felt worthy of consideration, a total of about 30 songs.

The next day, I narrowed it down to songs I owned both the cover version as well as the original. I had the 15 I needed, and three more songs as backups in case something went wrong. But hunting for the music was another story. This took me an entire day … seriously, it took me about eight or nine hours to go hunting through our music collection. We have an enormous collection of music that spans every category there is. While some parents organize “family nights” where they play board games or mini-golf, our family nights consisted of eating Chinese food and then cruising used music and book stores to load up on CDs and reading material. With three kids in tow, we moved like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, sucking up anything that even mildly interested us. Because when you’re shopping used, the sky’s the limit.

But like I said, putting my hands on the exact songs I was looking for now was a task I hadn’t thought of when I signed up for Swap-Bot. Some of our music is stacked in little piles on our desks. Some has been tossed in drawers for temporary storage. Some is in the truck. Buck has begun unpacking some of it and putting it on shelves in his office. But much of our music is still in packing boxes. And yet even more of it is scattered throughout other packing boxes that aren’t just unmarked and unattainable, but also contain unrelated items that we’re not ready to unpack. Like my grandmother’s sterling silver tea set, or Buck’s high school football uniform, and myriad boxes containing stuff that I haven’t a clue about because certain members of our packing crew didn’t realize that listing the contents on the boxes was “a big deal.”

But even the music that I could find (and reach) still proved to be challenging, because I’d find the CD I was looking for, only to open it and discover its jewel case was in fact empty. That required further probing, opening every jewel case in the vicinity to see if it had been  haphazardly stored in the wrong case. Many were indeed stored in the wrong case, but a good number of CDs were just gone. And some music wasn’t stored in a jewel case at all, it was just  tossed, naked and loose, into the packing box. Which meant that some CDs, I discovered, were badly scratched and unusable. I’d then go to Buck and say, “Remember we had two copies of Goldrush? Where’s the other copy?”

“Which other copy?” he wanted to know.

“The one that isn’t missing or damaged,” I told him.

“Did you look in the packing boxes?” he said. Which of course led nowhere.

By Sunday I finally had assembled in front of me all the music I needed to make this goddamned mix CD. All that was left to do was rip it, sort it into a playlist, and then burn it. Two copies of each: a total of four CDs. Not so hard, right? Wrong. I haven’t burned any CDs in awhile, and my burning program had since updated itself to a version that now wouldn’t recognize half the songs. I keep clicking on Burn CD and receiving this message: The track you are trying to burn is unavailable.

UNAVAILABLE? It’s right there! I’m looking at it on the screen! I’m looking at it, for cry eye!

Cody: Hello?

Me: Cody, it’s Mum. What the hell is wrong with my computer? It won’t burn my playlist for this Swap-Bot thing …. Where are you?

Cody: I’m at the Burlington Mall. Did you do that Iron and Wine cover of the Postal Service’ Such Great Heights?

Me: Yes, BUT NOTHING WILL BURN! Help me. The Internet will kill me if I can’t get this thing to work —

Cody: I’m in Bath and Body Works. Do you want me to call you when I’m home?

Me: No. I want you to do this now. Fix it!

Cody: Try iTunes. It’s better than whatever you’re using.

Me: You don’t even know what I’m using.

Cody: No, but I’m sure it’s stupid. Try iTunes.

Well, iTunes worked. I burned the CDs. But THEN, just as I was packing up and getting ready to turn off my computer, I saw that I had burned the Cowboy Junkies cover of Sweet Jane TWICE! Back to back.

So, at 11 PM Sunday, I had to re-do the CDs. The CDs of the originals, thank Jesus, came out fine the first time. This is what I ended up with on the cover mix:

1. Don’t Let It Bring You Down – Annie Lennox (Neil Young)  2. Such Great Heights – Iron and Wine (Postal Service)  3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart -Saint Etienne (Neil Young)  4. Fell In Love – Joss Stone (White Stripes)  5. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You – Lauryn Hill (Frankie Vallie)  6. Paint It Black – (Rolling Stones)  7. California Dreaming – Queen Latifah (Mamas and the Papas)  8. Mad World – Gary Jules (Tears for Fears)  9. Bohemian Rhapsody – The Braids (Queen) 10. Come On Eileen – Save Ferris (Dexy’s Midnight Runners)  11. Wonderwall – Cat Power (Oasis)  12. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Sheryl Crowe (Guns ‘N Roses)  13. Sweet Jane – Cowboy Junkies (Velvet Underground)  14. Money, That’s What I Want – The Flying Lizards (The Beatles)  15. Karma Police – John Vanderslice (Radiohead)  16. Tonight, Tonight – Panic At The Disco (Smashing Pumpkins) 

And of course, I did the corresponding CD of the originals. THEN … this morning I had to make labels for the actual CDs AND the jewel cases, listing all these songs and with some sort of acceptable art work. You don’t think about buying cheap ink for your printer until you see it through a stranger’s eyes. In essence, the artwork for the CDs came out crummy, in my opinion. The colors weren’t true.

But of course the deadline is tomorrow, so they had to go in the mail today. Which they did, thank God. They’re gone. Done. Off the list. As soon as I got home from the post office I ran to my computer and my Swap-Bot account and gleefully clicked on “sent” before collapsing in exhaustion. I was hungry and wanted to make some breakfast, but then I saw the clock and it was 1:30 in the afternoon. So I had lunch instead. And that’s it, that’s what I’ve been doing for three long days.

Of course, I couldn’t resist signing up for another one while I was eating my lunch. I signed up for the Frida Kahlo Swap. This one requires two 4″X4″ items relating to anything Frida. But at least I have till February to do it.



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Meme of 7 Factoids

David, from Thoughts-O-Dave, tagged me for a meme. A meme is sort of like a chain letter but without the death threats. It’s when you write about a theme and tag people whom you hope will do the same.

In this meme, you’re supposed to do the following:

1) Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself.
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I’d include Buck in this, but the problem is that sharing things about him is basically what my blog’s all about. Plus, he’s down with the sickness and in no mood for coming up with factoids. So I’m sharing 7 things about me.

My other problem is that many of the bloggers I would like to tag (read: the people who might possibly do this) have already been tagged by someone else. Dammit! Anyway, to the rest of the bloggers I have tagged, I’m actually too scared to even tell you you’ve been tagged. And hey, don’t sweat it if you don’t want to play. I mean, it would be fun to read 7 things about you but if you aren’t into it, that’s cool. Just don’t hate me for tagging you! Don’t hate the tagger!

Here’s my 7 factoids about me. They’re all over the place and not all linear in thought:

1. I love store-bought birthday cake and until fairly recently I bought one every week. Sometimes I have the bakery ladies write messages on them depending on my mood. Favorite past messages: Eat Me!; Bite THIS!; Hooray 4 This Cake!; and Congratulations Theresa! (Theresa being a friend and co-worker who joined me in eating birthday cakes from various supermarkets.)  I didn’t put candles on my cakes. But this past summer I stopped this cake-buying practice altogether. I’ve found it to be the best way to keep weight off, and it makes the necessity of daily treadmilling not nearly as urgent. Stop eating cake every day and the pounds will just disappear.

2. I’m incapable of learning to drive a stick shift, and I don’t care. Stick shifts mean nothing to me.

3. I exclaim “motherfucker” at least a half-dozen times a day the way other people say “oh fudge.” It’s a habit I picked up from the afore mentioned Theresa, though she will deny this. A car will backfire and startle me and I’ll say Motherfucker. What the hell was that?” I’ll burn toast and say “Motherfucker!” while pulling it from the toaster. I’ll flip through the TV channels and discover I missed a favorite movie and say, “Mother. Fucker.  Etcetera, etcetera.

 4. I almost drowned three years ago in the Bahamas while on vacation with, of course, Theresa. I was only up to my ankles in water when a big wave hit me, knocked me down, and dragged me way out. All in the span of about two seconds. Trying to not drown was exhausting (and terrifying) and in between gulps of salt water I had to start screaming for help. As two young men were trying to get to me, another wave threw me towards shore and I was able to crawl (literally) up onto the beach. We don’t have waves like that on Cape Cod. Cape Cod is a peace-loving peninsula where we believe in LIFE.  I hate the Bahamas and I’m never going back. Suck it, Bahamas.

5. I once volunteered to teach a 6-week knitting class for children because I thought it would be fun. But the eight little kids in my class were all smarter than I’d ever guessed 9- and 10-year-olds could be. They kept conquering everything I taught them in far less time than I’d allowed in my lesson plan. By Week 3 they were using cable needles and making cardigans and I hated every single kid. These girls were horrible little brainiacs! They’d tumble out of their moms’ SUVs and Hummers with their bags of alpaca yarn and mohair and run to my class! They couldn’t wait to show me what they’d accomplished all week, not realizing it made me break out in a cold sweat. I dreaded going to class and facing them, and every Saturday morning I felt sick to my stomach. When Week 6 was finally-finally over I was so relieved I went home that night and got drunk. And I rarely even drink.

6. I’ve had a life-long obsession with the Edith and Mr. Bear books by Dare Wright. It started when I was so young, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t obsessed with them. The photography is pure magic. 

7. It’s not easy, but I really make an effort to stay out of my kids’ personal lives. They’re 21, 25, and 27. I aspire to be like my really terrific mother-in-law in that respect. She taught me that the best thing you can do for your grown children is to butt-out of their personal lives, let them find their own way, and simply love them for who they are. Buck’s mom had seven children and never once did I see her criticize, insinuate, demand, or exhibit anything but love and kindness to them and whatever choices they made in their lives. I think of her often, and whenever I’m tempted to meddle in my children’s lives I think of what she would do, which is nothing, and I keep my mouth shut. Mostly.

Okay, I’m tagging people from my blogroll who haven’t already been tagged. There are only six, and like I said, please don’t hate the tagger!


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