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Big news today! A butterfly landed in my garden.

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bucket garden

I’m always whining about gardening in El Paso and how difficult it’s been for me. So this year I resolved to have container gardens. Since money is tight I’m planting seeds. But I’m also looking for instant color, so I’m buying mostly annuals, which pretty much goes against everything I’ve ever believed in. I believe perennials give you more bang for your buck, like years worth of bang. But I can’t afford to spend $12.99 or more on a plant that might die in a week. So I’m going with annuals and a few veggies.

Because I’m spending money on annuals, I can’t really afford to go out and buy the beautiful pots I’d like to get. But I need deep containers so my plants will think they’re in the ground. So I’m trash can and bucket gardening. No one can see the garden but us, because it’s inside our courtyard where I can keep an eye on it 24/7. I’ve gone around and collected all the unused trash cans we’ve got, and I’ve been buying buckets. The cheapest buckets I’ve found are the Home Depot utility buckets for $2.79. I drill holes in the bottom, drop in some newspaper and rocks for drainage, then add my special soil mixture. And of course (the most important part) I’m turning the bucket so the giant Home Depot ad doesn’t show.

Here’s a pepper plant and his friends oregano, snap dragon, and the petunia gang.DSC_1076 I took this shot about a week ago.












And here it is this morning. So far, so good.














Here’s some lovely bucket salvia.




















Here’s some bucket petunias below:















And here’s my one big perennial splurge, trash can Rudbeckia and a hollyhock.


I went to the store yesterday with a specific “bucket list” of what I wanted and here they are below. I’ve got to plant these today. They’re already well on the way to looking good (unlike the half-dead marked down K-Mart plants I bought weeks ago), so hopefully they’ll keep on keeping on and encourage the rest of the garden to do the same.

plant today

I’ll keep playing chakra music to my bucket garden and talking to it, and I just know the garden will cooperate. OR I WILL FLIP OUT.

I’m not really supposed to on here right now, taking photos and blogging, because I’ve got too much work to do so I’m gonna run. Happy gardening, everyone!

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Sarah’s Garden

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’re boringly aware that I have no garden here in El Paso, and that as a former gardener and garden columnist I miss it terribly. I used to do some of my best “writing” while I was gardening, meaning that when I was elbow-deep in soil I had some of my greatest ideas come to mind and I kept a notebook with me at all times to jot them down and use later on in my writing.

Well my niece Sarah surprised me this morning with photos of her garden. She’s living in Pennsylvania and this is her very first garden (she’s young, the mother of four little kids), and she’s about the age I was when Buck dug for me my first serious garden. Sarah feels a little like she’s just finding her way as a gardener and is trying to remember back to her mom’s garden, her dad’s garden, and mine. But already her efforts are thrilling to me. Hers is becoming just the sort of wild cottage garden I love so much, and she’s enjoying the time she spends working on her plants.

I’m so proud of Sarah, I wanted to share her garden photos with you. Pay no attention to the date stamped in the corner, she’s new to photography also. (Note to Sarah: You need to adjust the date on your camera.)

Sarah’s Hydrangeas are really taking off.

sarah's garden5

These marigolds are ready to become HUGE.sarah's garden3

I’m willing to bet those cosmos will be 6′ high by summer’s end, and the squash looks so happy!

Sarah's garden2

Love this, Sarah! Keep the photos coming!

But put some water in your beautiful birdbath.

Sarah's garden1

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