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baby bird saturday1

Yeah, he’s still here. He’s getting better at flying, but not quite good enough. Buck estimates he’s getting an altitude of about six or seven feet now. His mom (for all the bird geeks — and I seem to know A LOT of them — I made sure to get photos of the mom this time) is still having to come around and feed him. I supply the water, she supplies the food.

mama bird1

And just look what he makes this poor woman bird go through. First she has to go out and find stuff he’ll like to eat, then she has to come all the way down to my courtyard and literally put it in his mouth. For some reason, out of like 58 photos of her feeding him, the camera would not focus in any of feeding photos. On the bright side, it did focus on that beautiful chakra-loving tomato in the backround.


Here she is giving him some pointers on flying. He appears to be listening.


Practice makes perfect, little one, so keep at it. And for the sake of Sweet Jeebus, please don’t poop on my basil.

baby bird saturday

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Hurry Up And Grow Already

baby bird2

Well, I don’t mind telling you this little guy is driving me crazy. As my fellow Facebookers already know, he fell out of his nest and into my courtyard a few days ago. At the time he was no bigger than a…a…I don’t know, a car key maybe?

I’ve been fretting about him ever since. Of course it’s ruined my life. Baby birds always do. To protect him I’ve pronounced the courtyard officially off-limits to everyone and everything except for me and his mother. Here’s his mother standing guard and waiting, just as I am, for him to grow big enough to fly.


Together, we two mothers have been doing the best we can. I leave puddles of water for him all over the courtyard, and his mom flies down and feeds him throughout the day. In between, he hides under a flower pot to get out of the heat, and he chirps at her, demanding more attention, more food. You know, just like a real kid.

But every day he gets a little bigger, and whereas on Sunday all he could do was hop from place to place, yesterday he began fluttering. Mostly he fluttered up and onto the flower pots. Today I see he’s progressed, “flying” all the way to the top of the little wire fence I put up to keep the dogs away from my patio garden…if they dogs were allowed out there, which ever since his arrival they are NOT. Here he is, proud of himself for having “flown” onto the fence were he can get a better look at his mom.

baby bird 1

He watches for her all day. And all day she sits on the roof and watches him, too.

mom bird 1

Oh how I can’t wait for him to fly. I’m sure she’s just as anxious about it as I am. I’ve got a life to live, and I’m sure she does too. Hurry up and grow, little bird, HURRY UP!


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Max’s Experience

Max had the opportunity to host a video for Experience.com, a very cool website that provides tips and internships for college students. I wish they’d had something like that when I needed it. I wouldn’t be sitting here writing about motorcycles right now; I’d most likely be sitting in my office on Wall Street ordering my assistant to pick up my lunch, and phoning Buck to make sure he’d packed the SUV for our long weekend in the Hamptons.

I know what you’re thinking right now. Knock it off.

Anyway. Experience hooked Max up to interview Uzay Tumer (you may remember Uzay from the reality TV show The Restaurant), who is general manager of Gaslight Brasserie – a hot new restaurant in Southie. They brought Max up to Boston and gave him a fabulous hotel stay on top of it all. He had a great time. Here’s the video.  

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