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Beanzawave Is Almost Here!


I love kitchen gadgets. I have a drawer full of stuff like a strawberry huller and a calzone mold…you know, stuff that you can live without but it is kinda handy when you use it that one time a year. Most of it I’ve picked up at yard sales, but this new gadget by Heinz has got to be the king of all kitchen gadgets: The Beansawave. Yes! It’s a mini microwave you keep at your desk for heating up your beans!

This is not a joke, it’s an actual gadget that plugs into the USB drive of your computer and will retail for $160. And you just know no one in the office will ever make fun of you. You’ll be the envy the cubicle crowd! Just look at this dedicated guy enjoying his beans without even taking his eyes off his spreadsheet! And that Miss Slyboots over there across from him pretending not to notice…you know she’s dying with envy.


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Everybody Dance Now

     I was looking around Netflix for some good relaxation yoga, the sort you’d do in the evening, when I discovered Wai Lana. Perhaps I’m late to the dance (sorry ’bout the pun) but I’d never heard of her.

     Through investigation I discovered that Wai Lana has a whole life, a whole world of yoga that I never knew about. Here’s a song and dance she’s recorded that is just up my alley. It takes me back to the “Skinnamarink” song Sharon, Lois, and Bram sang at the close of every Elephant Show and my son Max and I would dance and sing along to it. ‘Course, he was 2 years old at the time. But now that Max is grown up, I’ve found Wai Lana and I’m making her my new dance partner:

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Sloth Sunday

Sloth [slawth or slohth] – noun

Habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness; general mood on Sundays. Synonyms: shiftlessness, idleness, slackness, the day after Saturdayness.


     I find it no coincidence that sloth and Sunday begin with the same letter. The only problem with Sloth Sunday is when it rolls around while I’m still on a work-imposed deadline.

     Feeling sloth-like is a gross handicap when you’re supposed to be working, leaving me unable to perform in my usual prolific capacity, much less get my work done. Although I don’t have Sunday Q&A for you (look for it on “Totally Okay Now That My Deadline’s Dead Tuesday”) and Coast to Coast Part Two won’t be up until tomorrow, I did find time for a quick re-cap of our busy and enthralling week.


This past week:

See you tomorrow when we can start this all over again.


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