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Bound and Gags can’t believe I’ve let so much time go by without ranting about the loss of our hero and the greatest Survivor player in the history of the game. That’s right, Boston Rob Mariano. Well, it was such a painful experience to see him voted off by Russell’s evilness, it’s been hard to talk about it. 


B& G mentioned that his girlfriend, who DVRs the show like us, runs over it for clues as if it’s the Zapruder film. We also do this, running it back and freezing the frame on Russell’s evil smirks, trying to find clues to prove he really is related to Satan. As if making fun of Rob’s Red Sox cap isn’t proof enough. I don’t know why we do this, replay it and pause on his face…it makes my blood pressure skyrocket.  

 I did publicly mourn Rob on Facebook, perhaps because I was so upset I couldn’t write more than few words cursing Russell for all of eternity. When Rob was voted off, I was ready to stop watching this season of Heroes vs. Villains. Buck convinced me to keep watching if no other reason than to watch Russell go down in a spectacular ball of flames. I can’t stand Parvati Shallow (perfect name) either, but I find myself cheering for her now, because I believe she’s the only one who can take him out and really make it hurt.  

But not an episode goes by that Buck and I don’t comment, “Dammit! If  only Boston Rob were still there, this never would happened!”  

For Boston Rob fans who may have missed it, here’s an interview  with him from the LA Times that’s interesting to read. I have to console myself that he’s got a couple million already, and had Amber and his new baby to go home to.

Update: Russell’s been arrested.

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Longtime comedy writer Merrill Markoe is still hilarious. I just got her book, It’s My F—ing Birthday: A Novel and happened to find this video she made with her dogs. (If you recall, Merrill came up with “Stupid Pet Tricks” when she was David Letterman’s writer.) I love this, because my dogs would react exactly like this in an emergency. Come to think of it, they have.

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I think it’s very hot this afternoon, just about 100 in the shade according to the Acu-Rite. Nearly a year’s gone by and we still haven’t taken the Acu-Rite out of the box. I think Buck is afraid if I take it out of the box I’ll want to hang it up using a cup hook. Men hate it when you hang things up, particularly with a cup hook.


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Boring Stuff

Today I’m transcribing a conversation I had with Buck and hope to post it by tonight. I couldn’t get to it earlier this week as I’ve been kind of buried in work.  When not working this is what I’ve been doing:

  • Following the saga of epic mess Courtney Love. Last night Courtney posted an open letter to Ryan Adams on her MySpace page accusing him of spending $850,000 of Frances Bean’s trust fund money: “… illbe in New York next week , you can start by working out your payment plan, because i will litiagate your thieving ass from here til eternity, your a thief and i used to think you had some subtsance to you then i find out your being managed or your money is by Victoria Blake?”  Who is Victoria Blake and what do any of these people mean to me? I have no idea, but I do subscribe to Courtney’s personal blog because she’s in the habit of using it to communicate with people .Courtney Love MySpace
  • Fighting with my Google pop up blocker. That fucking thing has gone into overdrive for some reason and won’t even let me open my email. I’ve shut it off.
  • Screaming at a telemarketing survey company called Ebsco. This hell spawn has us on auto-dial and calls our house no less than 10 times a day. Today I threatened them with the police. Hopefully this will get us off their DO NOT CALL list.
  • Researching a way to get rid of our cable TV package without raising the price of our phone and Internet service. Time Warner is the devil and no matter what plan you come up with to cut your monthly bill, they’re two steps ahead of you to keep it exactly where it is.
  • Re-watching the entire 7-years of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I am currently on Season 2,  Disc 3.
  • Watching Battlestar Galactica with Buck, who is not interested in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and never has been. We are currently on Season 2, Disc 1 of Battlestar Gallactica.

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A few months ago I wrote a post called Like 12 Monkeys about the insane asylum/POW camp in Buck’s hometown of Taunton, Massachusetts. I thought it might be of interest to some (if you don’t already know) that Martin Scorsese will be filming a movie with Leonardo DeCaprio in Taunton this spring. Here’s the description:

” The film is set in the 1950s in a mental institution with flashbacks to a World War II concentration camp.”

The film is titled Ashecliffe, and is based on the NYT bestselling book Shutter Island by Thomas Lehane, who wrote Mystic River. The casting call for extras is set to take place Saturday in at B.U.

Here’s a link to the article.

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More Paint


We had the house orderly for about three weeks. For the past two days, however, we’re back to being in disarray and it’s my fault.

The problem with blogging about someone else is working around their schedule. I’ve been unable to do my Sea-Monkeys post because Buck has been doing the final-final painting in our house, a wall that I wasn’t happy with. Even though I chose the previous color, I didn’t like it in its final form. This is the new color, but it’s not quite accurate in the photos because I need to spend some time adjusting my camera and, quite honestly, I get scared delving into my new camera’s brain. But the paint color is actually called “Jalapeno” and is kind of burnt-pumpkin color I like a lot.

 Anyway.  It’s just one wall, but being a perfectionist, Buck has spent the last couple of days working on it. (That’s a straw in his mouth, not a cigarette. He quit smoking a couple months ago.) I And this house seems to require coat after coat of paint to bring the color to where it should be. I make plans for him, and he’s either working, or busy doing my “bidding” as he calls it. Whatever.  I don’t have my Sea-Monkeys in their tank and I’m blaming it on Buck, even though he is currently unaware that I plan on recruiting his help in setting it up, and will then post everything he says on the Internet. But first I have to wait for him to finish painting.

Here, Buck takes a timeout to watch some car auction that has been live on TV for 5-12 hours a day every day since … Monday maybe? You may ask yourself,  What the hell is this twelve-hour show? I have no idea, it’s out of Scottsdale, Arizona, and the cars are selling for millions. I’ve been watching it during the evening viewing and I’ve come to this conclusion: Only in America can people watch aging millionaires spend their money on the 1960s-era Pontiac or Mustang that was selling for hundreds when they were a teenager and couldn’t afford it.

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