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When I Googled “buried in work” to find a suitable gone fishing-type of picture to post here, I discovered that 4 million people have blogged with “buried in work” in their posts. We make 4 million and two.

And no that’ not me in the photo but I’m with that woman in spirit. You go girl! You tell everyone at work to just “add it to the pile!”

We’ll probably be done sometime next week and then we’ll be back on here with some of those scenic videos I keep blathering about. But in the da brat meantime, can you believe Da Brat is going to prison for THREE YEARS?

We really liked her on Celebrity Fit Club and we’re sad to hear this news. I was hoping Harvey Walden could step in and help her get less time, the way Dr. Drew from Celebrity Rehab went to court with Jessica Sierra. But it’s apples and oranges, I guess.



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Buck Camped Out In An Office THAT IS NOT HIS


There is a terrible behind-the-scenes maelstrom going on right now over a blog I spent the morning writing. Titled My New T-Shirt Design: A Reason To Live. I was seconds away from hitting the Publish button in my Windows Live Writer when my work was inexplicably deemed too controversial for publication by those who can physically overpower me. DAMMIT.

 I. Cannot. Tell. You. How. Much. I. Hate. When. This. Happens. To. Me.

 And you’d be surprised to learn that it happens to me A LOT. I am not kidding. It happens everywhere. Newspapers. Magazines. Radio news copy. Ads. Giveaway flyers and asinine newsletters. Those stupid Christmas letters I write every year and NEVER get to send because they are always being intercepted at the freaking mailbox because “oh, it might hurt someone’s feelings” or “someone might cry.” wah, wah, wah, her Christmas letter hurt my feelings. To those people I say, Grow the fuck up.

Can you imagine? And now the unkindest cut of all: My New T-Shirt Design: A Reason To Live

Everywhere you can think of I am censored. Hey, read the First Amendment for cry eye (you know exactly who you are). This is not Communist Russia!

This is far from over. Oh yes, it’s wicked far from over.

Remember my poem about you that was published in a chap book? Yes, I thought you might.

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